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In-Poculis Mahjong

The ultimate Mahjong game with 120 levels and 6 fun themes: Christmas, Halloween, Asian
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Bernard LERAT
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3 April 2009

Editor's review

If you have been playing the Mahjong game on a regular basis you would have felt the wish to experience it on your system. While typical Mahjong games appearing on PCs tend to be very basic, In-Poculis Mahjong 2.3 is quite the opposite. The remarkable games boasts of plethora of options which is likely to get even the most jaded Mahjong player hooked on to it. It contains over one twenty elaborate levels and comes with multiple fun themes. If that was not all the game includes challenges that even experienced hands at Mahjong will find difficult to overcome.

In-Poculis Mahjong 2.3 on launch sports a vivid looking interface that can immediately attract the attention of players. With themes such as Asian or Halloween to choose from, one can quickly customize the game as his or her choice. Also the design of themes including the tiles is very elegantly done. The controls of the game are quite easily accessible and one can get familiar with them within moments. If someone is really looking to master this game then his objective would involve securing medals in each of themes. Quite evidently such a feat is difficult to accomplish and one needs to display a great deal with discipline and playing skills to achieve the same. Mahjong has always been about working your brains and this game offers you one of the best chances to test your wit under different scenarios besides it is quite likely that this game is going to acutely improve your memorization powers.

In-Poculis Mahjong 2.3 scores high on account of its appealing visuals and seamless game-play which earns it a score of four and half points. The game is likely to go down well with avid Mahjong fans looking to boost up their entertainment quotient.

Publisher's description

The ultimate Mahjong game with 120 levels and 6 fun themes: Christmas, Halloween, Asian, Easter, Wonderland and Future. This game is definitely designed for the mahjong lovers, and for those who enjoy challenging memorization and a sharp eye. The visuals are fun and it is very user friendly. Start your solitaire mahjong fun by finding matching mahjong pieces amongst the plethora, and clicking them to get them off the screen. All of the mahjong pieces can be cleared, but it takes some discipline, strategy, and a little bit of luck to get the 5 medals of each theme.
In-Poculis Mahjong
In-Poculis Mahjong
Version 2.3
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Dave matthews
I really like this game, it is fun, beautiful and very very long to finish!
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